Tired of pretending you feel fine?

If you’ve been wearing a smile and getting by, like many people, you’ve noticed some of the following and feel there is something wrong:

  • Beating yourself up but feeling powerless to change
  • Hanging onto a bad relationship or allowing relationships you care about to suffer
  • Feeling trapped, frustrated or numb
  • Not enjoying the things that normally bring you pleasure
  • Avoiding socialising and isolating yourself
  • Feeling scared of your feelings and what they might mean

If you can relate to this, as an experienced Counsellor, I can help you to untangle your thoughts and feelings, understand what is happening for you and how you can move forwards in a way which works for you.

 Instead of feeling at the mercy of your feelings, imagine being able to:
  • Develop a greater sense of control over your life and take action.
  • Be more at ease with yourself without having to put on an act.
  • Communicate openly and honestly in relationships without fear of conflict.
  • Restore your sense of purpose, feeling more in tune with your instincts and passions.
  • Be more resilient, flexible, and spontaneous in your response to life events.

I will support you in dealing with and understanding difficult feelings or life events and freeing yourself from the painful problems they bring.

You can find some peace of mind, feel more content and fulfilled and I am committed to helping you get there.

Contact me to arrange a no obligation Counselling appointment in a convenient Leeds city centre location. You don’t have to continue dealing with how you feel alone.



Phil volunteered for St Vincent’s throughout his training and has continued to be a valued member of the team ever since. The feedback received from clients has been universally positive. Phil is a warm, positive, kind person and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to you as a Counsellor.

– Shaista, Counselling Co-Ordinaror, St Vincent’s Support Centre



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