Leeds Therapist Phil Haigh

Hi, I’m Phil.

I help people in Leeds find relief from anxiety, burn out and low self worth.Leeds Counsellor Phil Haigh

I’m passionate about helping you to understand your thoughts & feelings.  To feel more fulfilled with your life and your relationships.

I understand how it feels to lay in bed at night, unable to switch off, worrying about your feelings and relationships. To feel lonely and isolated even when you are around people you care about. 

I am grateful to be in a position where I can support you in getting to a place where worry and worthlessness no longer run your life.

Together we’ll get an understanding of what is happening for you and how you can find real relief from worry, exhaustion and anxiety.

A Bit About My Professional Background:

Like many people I worked in varied roles from temping to office work without finding a sweet spot that brought me a real sense of purpose. It was taking a career break that gave me time and space to realise I had always felt drawn to helping people.

Thankfully that time out to focus on what I wanted led me to study as a Person Centred Counsellor.

I went on to take a Bachelor of Science at Leeds Beckett University. I also became a registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).

What My Own Experience Taught Me:

As someone who has experienced crippling anxiety and worry, I know what it feels like to be consumed with worry about things which don’t seem to make any sense.

I also understand just how much resourcefulness and effort it takes to cope with these feelings, often whilst suffering in silence.

Our work together is to identify and tap into this inner strength that you already possess perhaps without realising. To untangle your thoughts, uncover any beliefs holding you back, making sense of your past and present and understand your own wants and needs.

I get what it feels like to finally allow yourself to take that first step with support and the relief that can follow. 

Whilst I have my own lived experience, only you know how your life feels and I respect that and will try to understand things from your perspective. 

I value your individual experience and I’m committed to understanding what it feels like for you.  We can then work on how we can change things for you.

My personal experiences and training make me the kind of therapist I am, understanding, down to earth and accepting. So If you’d like a free informal chat about problems at home, in relationships or how you’re feeling, contact me and lets arrange a time to talk about how I can help.  I’m here for you. 

Lets talk about it