How Therapy Works

Therapy is at its most basic about understanding your thoughts and emotions.

Unfortunately very few of us are taught how to understand or process our thoughts and feelings. Until more recently mental health was barely mentioned throughout our childhoods or time at school.

Life is complex enough even if you do have a good understanding of yourself. However if you didn’t grow up talking about your feelings then you may feel very much on your own. 

In the absence of understanding your own feelings, you’re left to make assumptions or best guesses about how you feel and why.

Naturally this then affects how you behave and can have a massive influence on your choices and the life you lead.

Not understanding your own feelings can lead to  :

Intense anxiety – A constant sense of dread or panic along with alarming physical sensations without knowing what’s going on

Lethargy or Depression – A loss of energy and interest in life and the things we used to find some enjoyment in.

Living for others – How do I know what I want in life if I don’t know my own feelings?

Troubled relationships – How do I communicate how I feel if I don’t know myself?

People pleasing – Seeking the approval of others in order to feel better about myself

Self destructive behaviours –  Anger, frustration & guilt because you don’t understand why you keep doing these things to yourself or others

These are just some of the problems we might experience.

Therapy offers you a place to sit down with someone and take time out to consider what’s going on for you and how you feel about it. To make the time to figure out your own thoughts and feelings with someone who is trained to help you do this.

By talking through your feelings with a therapist you will be able to explore what’s going on with someone who is objective, non judgemental and outside of the distractions of your everyday life.

This will allow you to get out of your own head and receive genuine feedback and understanding from someone without any agenda. You may then realise patterns of behaviour or beliefs you didn’t realise you had which are affecting how you act.

Therapy is not about giving you well meaning advice or telling you what to do.

Therapy is about helping you to understand yourself well enough that you are able to move forwards in a way which best suits you.

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