Here are some comments provided by previous counselling clients who wished to give feedback on the service :

I’d got to a point where I really needed someone to talk to without being judged and Phil was excellent at this. He’s very relaxing and I got to the point where I really looked forward to our session. I now feel re-energized, I’m more adventurous and my confidence is growing more each day.Pete

When I first started my counselling, I admit that I was quite dubious and anxious, I had previously tried several other methods and unfortunately didn’t feel they had been very beneficial. This experience of counseling has been really different, I was always put at my ease and felt safe throughout, we explored whatever I wanted too and it was always at my pace. I never felt that I was being judged so therefore it was easy to open up. All the tears and laughter in our sessions were definitely worthwhile.Jay

Phil makes you feel so at ease and over the weeks I went from feeling like everything was falling apart to feeling like my older self and more. Seeing a counsellor and meeting Phil has been one of the best decisions I have made.Client P

I would recommend Phil to anyone who has thought about counselling but is not sure. You will feel so much better following the session. Talking therapies not only helped me with offloading life’s issues and handling them better, but my self-confidence improved as well. – Fred

The rapport that I built up with my counsellor enabled me to talk about my feelings and my worries without any fear of any prejudice. I was able to open up at my own pace and never felt pushed in to exploring anything that I didn’t want to. It was a safe environment and I felt comfortable enough to allow me to remove my mask and be myself.Client J

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